I am interested in topological and algebraic approaches to graph theory and matroid theory. 



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Papers Submitted for Publication

The family of bicircular matroids closed under duality (Coauthored with Vaidy Sivaraman)

Characterization of a Family of Rotationally Symmetric Spherical Quadrangulations (Coauthored with Lowell Abrams)

Hamilton cycles in bidirected complete graphs (Coauthored with Arthur Busch and Mohammed A. Mutar)

Matrix representations of frame and lifted-graphic matroids correspond to gain functions (Coauthored with Daryl Funk)


Research Grants Awarded

[6] Algorithms on Generalized Networks. A Seedling Grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Awarded October 2016, $99,620

[5] Topological graph theory and matroid theory. Simons Foundation Collaboration Grants for Mathematicians. Awarded August 2012, $35,000

[4] Fundamental classes of matroids and matroid representability. A Research Initiation Grant from Wright State University. Awarded in May 2009. $10,000 Co-PI with Xiangqian Zhou.

[3] Decompositions of biased graphs and flow-coloring duality of imbedded graphs. A Young Investigators Grant from the National Security Agency. Awarded in October 2006. $30,000.

[2] Signed graphs and dyadic matroids. A Young Investigators Grant from the National Security Agency. Awarded in October 2004. $26,000.

[1] Matroid theory and network flows. A Research Challenges New Investigator Grant from Wright State University. Awarded in May 2002. $5,000.


Masters Theses Supervised

[2] Hamiltonicity in Bidirected Signed Graphs and Ramsey Signed Numbers, Mohammed A. Mutar, Fall 2017.

[1] Symmetric colorings of the hypercube and hyperoctahedron. Bo Phillips, Spring 2016.


My Doctoral Dissertation

Orientations of biased graphs and their matroids. (2000) State University of New York at Binghamton.

During my time in graduate school I was advised by my friend and mentor Tom Zaslavsky.